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Author's note, for Insanity of Xade Fans this is Aden's backstory, his birthname is Adam.

Chapter One

The Find

Two men fell from a twenty-story balcony. Tumbling through the air, they went; soon the slate gray one ended up on top and started choking the other. Thour was pure evil in appearance, shiny black hair, sweeping black eyebrows and piercing black eyes. There was a dark evil burning deep within them like fiery hot coals. The other man, Adam, had bright red hair, brown eyes and kind handsome features. He tried to fight back but found to his dismay that he just didn't have the strength. His last magical spell wore him out where he could barely move.

Adam wondered how he got himself into this mess. He didn't ask for this. Nor did he want to be a wizard. But it happened. Things always seem to happen to him. Even as a kid nothing ever went right for him. From a ruined party at age five to discovering the two magical items that made him a wizard, he has always had the worst of luck. Just four months ago he was a happy farmer's son preparing to dig a unicorn trough with his sister and their friend, Speck.


"Come on, Adora, the sooner we get started the sooner we get done; finish braiding your hair and let's go!" There was the unmistakable note of annoyance in his soft baritone voice as Adam tossed his long flaxen blond bangs out of his eyes. (Flaxen Blond is his natural color.) Then he looked at his watch for the fifth time. His foot, which wore low-top sneakers, tapped the floor with a soft slap as he gave his twin sister a baleful glare.

Adora glanced in the mirror at her five-six brother. "I've got to get it right so it won't get in my way." She snorted in her gentle contralto voice as she undid some of her two-foot flaxen blond hair then re-braided it. "There, I'm done," she added. She brushed the end and tossed it over her shoulder. "How do I look?" Adora's voice took on a suggestive tone as she turned to face him.

Her brother looked at her in a work shirt and jeans with a loud snort. "Like who do you expect to see digging the unicorn trough in the middle of the large meadow?" Adam silently dismissed her as a lost cause as he turned away.

"You never know," replied Adora, wishing not for the first time that he wasn't her brother. With his five-six athletic build, silver-gray eyes, set in a kind, handsome face and callused hands almost any woman in her right mind would be stupid if they didn't at least give Adam a second glance. "This is Xade, (X-zaide) for all I know a cute guy might appear out of thin air, asking for food and lodging."

"Yeah." Adam turned to face her, all thoughts about leaving the room being on hold and in favor of chiding his sister, his gaze settled for a brief instant on the twin suns sitting in the beautiful pale, purple sky. As usual, Quandar, the old blue man, was chasing the fair yellow woman, Pondora. Then he looked at his sister, with all the sternness he could muster, "You mean Clyde, the cute man, who turned out to be a blasted thief; he tried to steal my biplane. You've got to watch whom you invite, Sis. They might be evil." He punched the air twice with a faint huff-huff as he bounced on the balls of his feet. While doing this he said, "but a quick one-two took care of that jerk." He stopped and opened the door. "You will, work, won't you?" Adam asked over his shoulder.

"She better if she knows what's good for her." Their father Willie announced, standing in the doorway. Adam jumped, slamming the door in surprise. He didn't expect someone to be there. Willie flinched as it narrowly missed his nose. "Adam! Open this door back up!" Willie said. Adam opened it meekly and looked up at their father with an apologetic face. Willie's stern features softened, to where he looked more like his son. "Sorry for startling you, son."

Adam blushed as he scratched the back of his neck, "Sorry for slamming the door in your face, father."

"Yes Daddy, I'll dig first today." Adora answered, trying not to smile; the corners of her mouth betrayed her by twitching slightly.

She went into the bathroom, which joined her room, coming out with her braided hair coiled in a net. She put on a red headband to keep the sweat out of her eyes. "I'm ready." She said.

"Finally, done with your primping." Adam stepped out the door as their Dad backed away. "An hour this time," he whispered to Willie, "she always stalls when we have to get dirty."

"I heard that!" Adora said, as she brushed past him. "I said, 'I would go first.'" She grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him along for a few steps before he pulled away. "Now who's stalling?" She asked archly.

"You know, I don't like that," Adam smiled slightly. Adam's sour mood lifted like fog. "And I know that's why you do it, too." She just smiled and continued to walk down the hall. He sighed, "Women," as he followed her. If Adora heard him, she didn't comment.

They heard a "woof" sound as they stepped outside in the gentle twin sunlight. Upon tuning, the twins watched a gray specked Alaskan husky stretch; a moment later he became a five-seven man with speckled gray hair that matched his fur. He had a strong athletic build and so many freckles that one could easily lose count, in a matter of seconds. Naturally, he is a werewolf. "Hey, what are you two doing," he asked, in a low baritone voice.

"Going to dig the unicorn trough, Speck," smiled Adora. "Or, should I say, finish it."

"Want some help?" asked Speck, pushing the hair out of his eyes. "I'll help carry the things out and keep inquisitive unicorns out of the way." Speck, being from a previously uninhabited planet as we know it, could change at will instead of before the rising of the sun. Perhaps, it was because of different rules or because his ancestors branched off from the normal. No one could really say, because the knowledge was lost in Xadian history.

"More than likely you'd be a pillow," Adam snickered, as he motioned him to follow. Once again he glanced up at the purple cloud filled sky. Being a farmer, he was always checking the weather. He knew that Speck was part dog and part man; knowing this, he accepted both forms as his best friend.

Soon, they were in a large meadow, beside a six-foot wide circular hole, setting up for a day of digging. They had a cooler filled with lemonade hanging in the nearby large oak tree. The rope, they looped through a pulley, over the well. A safety knot kept it from falling into the hole. They also had the shovel and a hole-a-port (or a one foot black circle, which magically sends anything inorganic to the small, black hole behind the suns.) Adam leaned against Speck, in wolf form, as Adora gave him a smile and lowered herself down into the hole. Adam pulled out a crossword book and started working on it.

After a moment, Adam pushed his glasses up to the top of his head, "Arou?" Speck asked, making a canine question noise, as he looked at him.

Adam sighed and said, as he glanced down at his book, "A five letter word for something mysterious."

Speck changed, leaving his friend leaning his head against his own chest. "Magic, that's mysterious!"

Adam looked back down at his book, holding it out at arms' length, so he could read it. He brought it closer to his nose; without speaking Speck pushed his glasses back down on his nose. "I – guess magic fits." Adam said as he set the book on his lap. His left hand picked up the pencil and wrote it in. A moment later Adam sighed again.

"Another puzzle, my young friend," said Speck.

"No, I was just thinking of my Uncle David and his magic."

Suddenly, Adam rolled over and looked the wolf in the eyes. "It makes me uneasy the way he just pops up with that unnatural flash of light of his." Adam pulled his glasses down to the end of his nose to look at Speck straight on.

"Magic, is just as natural as I am here, on Xade," protested Speck.

"Say you!" Adam snorted, "you are a creature of magic."

"So," said Speck

"Humans shouldn't have magic," Adam said, as he shook his head, no.

"I don't see why not," sighed Speck, "it's there, why not use it?" Then, thinking to himself, "Here we go again."

"I can barely stand my own magic talent," said Adam, "and I can't see why Uncle David can't be happy with his; it is first degree; that is a degree higher than mine."

"Maybe he enjoys being a magician." Speck counters.

"Too dangerous." Adam shuddered. "You weren't there when one of his spells backfired, in his lab. I was about twelve and visiting him and Aunt Vontica. She had sent me to give him his lunch, but as I was getting ready to open the door, there was an explosion. It sent me and his lunch against the wall."

"Wait," protested Speck "his lab is a shack,"

Adam rolled his eyes, "This was before 'Fireball' insisted on that, you mutt."

"Oh," Speck retorted, "you were the main reason?"

"Yes, David, came out with all two feet of his hair, sticking out like some Halloween costume and saw me lying there." Adam said as he shuddered again. "I was hurt, I think I had a concussion, and he didn't have any magic, I was awake, but just couldn't move; that's how I know. As Vontica carried me to the hospital, over in Shellyvilla I became unconscious. A week later, I woke up."

"Wow!" Speck said, expecting more. Adam never shared this story. But Adam was tracing a meaningless doodle, on a convenient patch of dirt, lost in thought. "So that's, why you don't like magic."

"Yeah, I'm happy being a farmer, raising unicorns, selling them, tending the garden, and mowing the lawn, with other maintenance. That's, what I want to do, raise my own part of the Welex Clan." Adam rolled over to look at the sky, not seeing the tiny puff of dull sparkles fall to the ground from his hand and into the doodle. Speck saw it but dismissed, it since it happens to him on occasion. Adam shook his bangs out of his eyes.

"To each his own I guess." Speck sighed. He saw a unicorn approaching so he said, "excuse me for a moment."

Speck returned to a wolf and went after the unicorn, with a few barks. The blue unicorn looked at Speck and trotted off, deciding to investigate later.

A moment later Speck returned to Adam, who decided to go back to his crossword book. Knowing that he finished talking, the wolf settled to the ground to be a pillow.

An hour later Adora came up and Adam went down. He started digging, noting silently that it was only three feet deeper than the day before yesterday. In his mind he started counting how often he tossed his bangs out of his eyes, which happened each time he filled his shovel. On four hundred the shovel scrapped against something metal with a noise reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard. He dropped the shovel and clapped his hands to his ears in pain. "You just had to hit high 'C,' didn't you?" Adam glared at the shovel, where it landed, as if he expected it to answer. Instead it just laid there.

The youth looked at his watch. He found that more than ninety minutes passed since he started and he was ten feet deeper. When that thought crossed Adam's mind, he looked up to see the rope well out of his reach. "One of these days I have to quit counting and pay attention when I'm digging." Adam muttered. Then he looked up again searching for one of the suns. Pondora was just starting to peek in the hole so he estimated that his watch was right. After prolonged sweating the watch he's wearing will usually die on him. "Hey Adora!" He shouted, cupping his hands over his mouth. "I hit something and the rope's out of my reach; you want to give me some help?!"

Adam waited but no answer. "Swift. She and Speck fell asleep." He kicked the wall, wishing that they hadn't dug it so wide. His foot hit the shovel making him holler in pain and grab his foot. He gave the culprit the evil eye. While he was considering how to destroy it, an idea crossed his mind. "Dangerous, but it just might work." The blond picked it up then carefully balanced it in his hands. The rope bumped against the shovel with a soft thunk. After a couple times it fell down to where he could reach it. With a smile, he set the shovel aside and started climbing. Adam was only halfway up when the rope jerked, making him drop a few inches. His head snapped up to look at the pulley. The safety knot was coming undone! "Crap!" He let go with his legs to change tactics, almost going double to try to get more speed. He almost reached the opening of the hole when the rope finally came undone and he fell with a loud shout.

The two sleepers awoke with a start, and rushed to the opening as he landed on his feet with another shout, this time, one of pain. "Adam?!" Adora shouted, now sorry that she fell asleep.

Adam looked up from where he had collapsed on his side, his ankle throbbing, to see them. "Fine time to fall asleep! I sprained my ankle when I landed. You want to go get the other rope?"

"Yeah! Be back as soon as we can." Adora answered as they left.

Adam looked down at the rope and sighed. Then he looked at the ground to see that when he landed his weight sank the metal thing a little bit. Just enough to hit the underground spring they were striving for. This meant the hole was now slowly filling with muddy water. "Swift." He sat up then slumped against his knee. "And the only rope that can reach is up in the attic." He examined his ankle closely, ignoring the pain of his questing fingers to find no broken bones, much to his relief. Adam looked back where the water was seeping in as his pants were getting wet and realized that it was now rapidly filling. "Darn it! Just my luck!"

A tense minute later the water forced him to stand on his good foot. Freed of his weight, the object bobbed to the surface. It turned out to be a metal box about three feet by four feet by one foot. Curious, despite the situation, he opened it to see a blue, dictionary-sized book. Lying across it at an angle, so it could fit in the box, sat a naked broadsword. Softly glowing runes covered the blade, marking the sword as a thing of power. A moment after Adam awkwardly picked the sword up, a lady's voice, sweet as honey and fresh as a summer breeze spoke in his mind. "Hello, sir, I am Starburner, and the book is Alexand, would you like us to get you out of this well? I promise we won't hurt you." When she said it, both felt the promise take hold, a strong yet gentle binding on her.

"Yes, please." Adam answered in kind, not looking a gift unicorn in the mouth. (There are no horses on Xade.) "The name's Adam." The book floated up and turned to page seven. He read it. It was a spell for flight with instructions on using it once cast. He paused and shuddered, realizing that she asked him to do magic as the water reached his chest.

"Well, Adam, I promised that we wouldn't hurt you." Starburner said out loud. Her voice was no longer like it was in his mind, instead it was musical and perky. "Cast it!" She demanded.

"But magic?" Adam protested. "I'm a farmer, not a magician!"

"Would you rather die with that foot of yours?" Starburner asked coldly.

"N-no." He answered as the water rose to his shoulders. Adam reluctantly casted it. Once the last word came out of his mouth he rose out of the water, trailing bright multicolored sparkles. They were like tiny pinpricks of light. If normal dust was different crystals, and had light shining out of each speck, then it would look like his sparkles. A moment later he settled under the tree. "Thanks for the help." Adam's soft baritone voice became icy as he released her. "Now leave me alone!"

"We can't, you're the one who found us." Starburner replied. "You're not to be a magician." She paused as he sighed in relief. "You're to become a wizard."

"No!" Adam shouted, backing up on his hands and good foot until he bumped the tree. A number late of apples fell on him from the blow. "I'm a farmer! I don't want to be a wizard!" He threw five apples at her and Alexand, who followed them out, as he spoke. "I refuse to be a bloody wizard!" Ten more apples flew after them with such accuracy that they had to lie flat on the ground.

By the time he ran out of ammo, he saw Adora, David, Speck and Willie running across the meadow toward him. Within minutes they came to a stop around him. "Adam?" Adora asked in astonishment. "How did you get out?"

"Magic." Adam spat, pushing the book aside as the pages blanked.

Alexand flew up to him again and the words, "You're destined to be a wizard!" appeared on his pages. Again Adam pushed him aside this time with enough force to send him to the ground.

"What caliber?" David asked as he squatted to feel Adam's foot, pushing his two-foot dark blond, almost brown, braid out of the way.

"Wizard." Starburner replied.

"Starburner? The Sword of Wizards, Earlcein's sword?" David asked in amazement. He grabbed Adam's ankle, getting a grunt of pain, and soft multicolored light infused it, healing it. "Then that must be Alexand, the Great Book of Spells."

"We are." She answered as Adam stood.

David stood and looked at him closely. "Did she speak in your mind upon contact?" Adam nodded miserably, now knowing exactly what he found. "You have to learn," said David firmly.

Adam backed up a step as both his elders nodded. "But I don't want to, I want to be a farmer, have a family. Not have many worries except to put food on the table, clothe my kids and how much to sell the unicorns for."

"Adam." Willie's voice softened as he rested his hand on his son's shoulder. "Your mother was a wizard, our father was a wizard. Farming isn't the only thing in our blood, we also have magic."

"Why did you have to chose a wizard for a wife?!" Adam shouted, brushing the hand off.

Willie took a step back under his son's anger. "Be-because I loved her," he stammered. Then his own anger took over and his voice became harsh. "Now you listen here young man! When you're in love you don't care what the woman is. She may be the ugliest woman on Xade but have the sweetest personality and you wouldn't care what others think." Adam tried to look away, but his dad pulled his face back to the front. "You will at least read Alexand. You will not question me why I chose Swishly Quinton as my wife. Have I ever questioned one of your girlfriends?"

"No sir," mumbled the now cowed youth.

"Then don't question mine."

Adam sighed, knowing when he's being outranked, but David could see by his aura, the energy that surrounds each person, that he wasn't pleased. "Yes father." The youth looked down then his head snapped up and he spoke with a fierce coldness. "I'll let you guys know, this isn't willingly!" He brushed past them and stalked across the meadow, followed by his new book and sword.

Adora looked after her brother. "What about me?" she asked, "unlike hard-head I'd love to learn magic."

"You'll be a magician, being the younger twin." Willie said. "Just as I'm an enchanter, a caliber lower than David." He reached over and pulled on the dark brown two-foot braid belonging to his brother. "But I keep short hair."

"Only because you want to, Willie Poo." David chuckled, calling his brother by a pet name. "I have to go get the family, so I can help train him and not worry about them, see you later." He vanished in a soft multicolored light that didn't hurt the eyes.

Willie looked in the trough to see it slowly filling and smiled. "Good job, now let's go to the shed and see what Adam's doing."

"Yeah." Adora agreed. "He can be down right mean when he's forced to do something; he might be taking it out on them."


Adam was, while he took his shower. "Why me?" His tone was still icy.

"Like your father said, it's in your blood." Alexand printed as Starburner translated. "Would you like to have your magic destroy you at age fifty?"

"I would have fifty years of bliss." Adam returned, poking his head out of the curtain to glare at them, his hair full of shampoo.

"Not able to see your grandchildren graduate?" She asked.

Adam retreated to the shower, so not to let them see the hurt look on his face. That's his dream, to watch his grandchildren get married and have their children before he died, just like his great-grandpa Brian, whom he adored. "I still don't want it!" Adam snapped with more fierceness than he thought. "I don't have the mind for it."

"But you do, I can only talk in a wizard or future wizard's mind because of the ability to focus magic." Starburner explained in his mind. Adam didn't answer and she assumed he was thinking. Alexand caught her attention to tell her what to say for him. "I know it's hard to adjust to but you'll get over it."

The water shut off and Adam grabbed both towels hanging on the hook outside the small shower stall. His clothes were next to go in, along with the brush. Ten minutes later he emerged and grabbed the wide-brimmed, straw hat beside the sword. Suddenly he accidentally brushed against her and dropped his hat as he jerked back. He inspected his arm to find no cut. "Why didn't you cut me?" Adam demanded, pointing to his forearm.

"I can cut neither my owner nor anyone good unless you want it." She explained as he picked up his hat. "Anyone evil touches my blade and they're hurting."

"Fascinating." He replied dryly as he walked out, leaving the door open for them. Adam brushed by his sister and Dad without a word, knowing that they were listening and not really caring.

"I think we're getting somewhere." Starburner whispered to them. "When he went in, we had to beg to be let in." The book and sword flew after him. They followed him up to his messy room where he plopped on his bed and flung his arm over his eyes. Somehow she gave the impression of looking around as she said, "Surely, this is too messy for a farmer's room."

Adam's eyes snapped open and he lifted his arm enough glare at her. "What would you know about being a farmer?"

"For your information, Adam, we were both farmers before we were transformed into this!" Starburner snapped, giving the impression of standing there with her hands on her hips by her mere tone. "After being farmers we also became wizards then after a time became this." She pointed at Alexand as he formed a hand on his pages and pointed to her.

Adam's arm dropped as his face softened. "Look guys, I'm sorry I said that." He sat up. "I didn't know. I'll read you."

The book and sword seemed to exchange a glance, as if shocked that they were getting somewhere. "Can you use a sword?" She asked.

"No, a quarterstaff is my chosen weapon." Adam said. He got up and picked his way to the small desk in the corner. The blond glanced back at his hat on the bed as he sat in the pale blue faded office chair before speaking again, "Since you can't cut me, I'm willing to learn." Adam set Alexand on the desk over a few papers.

"Before you do, you should clean your room." Starburner snorted, seeming to look around.

"Later." Adam dismissed her with a wave of his hand and looked at the book to see a silver haired athletic elf with his arms crossed tapping his foot. He had sharply pointed ears that swept back from his face, close to his head. "I said later." The youth opened first the pencil drawer then the file drawer and reached in the very back with a note pad in mind.

"You asked for it." Alexand printed as Adam laid his nose on his pages. He snapped closed and the blond squealed in pain as he jerked back. Cursing filled the air as the drawer slammed shut on his wrist, snapping the watchband. The book opened back up, looking sorry.

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" Adam growled, giving him a baleful glare. "It took Dad and Adora two hours to get my hand out the last time. It's a very old desk, made with a stupid pulley system." He tugged slightly and winced in pain. "You never hit the desk with that drawer open!" He swept Alexand, papers and all onto the floor in his anger. "Understand?!" He pulled on the pencil drawer with all his might but it wouldn't budge. "Darn, it locked too!" The blond gave the spellbook the evil eye as he floated within his sight. "Well, book, you got me into this mess, now get me out!"

Alexand opened up to an intangibility spell. "This should help you out." Adam pulled his reading glasses out of his pocket with his free hand and put them on. He read the fine print spell then casted it. His arm came out, allowing the drawer to snap close the rest of the way. "How is it?"

Adam ignored him as he felt his wrist. "Fractured," he scowled. "Nerves are pinched too." He stood and shoved his stuff aside with his foot as he went to the closet. The youth opened it, ignoring the stuff that swirled around his feet almost like a fog as he scanned the top shelf; the only one that wasn't broke at the brackets. Then he pulled down a box and took out a wrist brace. "Lucky for me I kept this stupid thing."

"Ah–" Starburner started, getting ready to apologize.

"Don't." Adam growled as he returned to the chair and sat, pushing up his glasses until they were resting on his head. He set the brace aside then set his wrist in one quick jerk. A whimper of pain escaped his lips as feeling returned and he closed his eyes to wait it out. Finally, he slipped the brace on his wrist. "Just leave me alone for a little while." Then he took his glasses off, placed them on the desk and flew rather unsteadily to the bed. The youth landed on it with his back to them. Within moments he was asleep.


An hour later Adam awoke with a throbbing wrist and sighed as he saw the brace. He secretly hoped it was just a bad dream but you don't dream of pain. An unusual noise made him roll over to face the rest of his room. The blond saw Alexand and Starburner trying their best to clean it. They somehow managed to separate the clothes and the trash into two piles and the books were on the desk. He smiled slightly, realizing that they wanted to make amends for breaking his wrist. "Hey, let me get the stuff and I'll help." Adam chuckled softly as they dropped in surprise. He bounded out of bed despite his injury and dashed out the door.

Adam passed his sister who saw the brace. "What happened?" She asked. But she didn't get a reply as he ran downstairs. "Screwy brother." Then Adora heard her phone ring and all thoughts of him fled her mind as she ran to answer it.

Adam returned to his room a moment later with the broom, clothes baskets and the hole-a-port. "Come here, Starburner." She came over and he tied the broom to her blade, not really surprised that she didn't cut the yarn.

Alexand came over as she went to a corner to get to work. "What about me?" His print became larger as his owner gave him a quizzical look.

Adam looked at him, deep in thought for a moment. "I don't know, what were you doing before I woke?"

"Esmerelda and I were working together with me as a shovel." Alexand replied, calling Starburner by her birth name since they were siblings. Adam snapped his fingers as he got an idea and picked up the dustpan. A moment later he had it carefully tied to him to where he couldn't open but could still use it.

"How's that?" Adam asked.

"He says it's fine." Starburner translated as he dipped.

"Great." The blond also got to work, sorting the clothes and trash. An hour later they had the room spotless, the bed was neat, the floor was clean and surprisingly, the desk was organized. A knock on the door interrupted Adam ten minutes later as he was floating in the closet fixing the overloaded shelves. "Come on in."

The door opened to admit David. He looked around and staggered as he pretended to have a heart attack. "Mom, Dad, I'm coming home." He clutched his heart and leaned heavily against the doorway. "He actually cleaned his room!"

"Go to Hades, Uncle David." Adam chuckled as he picked up the ratchet from Alexand. The book volunteered to be a shelf for the tools so his new owner wouldn't have to strain his arm.

"I've already been there, they kicked me out because I forgot you." David sat on the bed with a wicked chuckle. "They wanted a packaged deal."

"You'll have a hard time getting me. I go down fighting." Adam waved his brace at him by accident. It was his only free hand and he found some painkiller in the bathroom so it only smarted. Unless he bumped it.

"What happened?" David asked, knowing he doesn't play with medical stuff. Adam just returned to what he was doing, ignoring the question like he never asked it. "Answer me, please."

"Alexand did it to me as I was reaching in the drawer." The younger grunted in pain as he bumped it and dropped an inch. "He closed my nose in the book, so to speak and snapped the small bone." He hollered in pain as he bumped it again, much harder than before. Fire shot up to his shoulder and he dropped to the carpeted floor with a crash.

"Why don't you stand and do it?" The dark blond asked as he came over and helped his nephew rise to his feet.

"Already tried, hurt worse." Adam looked at it. "At least I can still write, being left-handed." He turned to try again but David stopped him by putting his hand on his shoulder. "Yes?"

David paused for a moment, seeing the anger in his eyes for magic being forced upon him. "Have a seat, I'll do it for you." Adam looked ready to argue. "Please?" His silver-gray eyes glittered for a split second and he nodded as he turned away. The magician looked after him for a moment, wondering why his eyes started doing that since him and his mother were supposed to stop them from glittering and dismissed it for now. He picked up the ratchet from the floor. "You know, I didn't want to be a magician either."

"Oh?" Adam asked as he sat in his chair, sounding disinterested.

But David knew better than that. "Oh yeah, your grandpa had to force me to do it. I thought I was immune because Mom was a normal person. But once, he gave me a magician spell to try and it worked." He moved to the next shelf. "Boy, was I mad at my Dad. Then after I finally accepted it all heck broke lose when I found out something else about myself."

Adam looked at the open door; his interest finally peaked. "What's that?"

"You'll find out after you become a wizard." David smiled as he moved to the next, using a little magic. He stepped back as he finished his spell and pulled Alexand along as he walked over to his nephew. He squatted before him. "Magic isn't as bad as you think, Adam. Like the whip it's a tool to get things done. And sometimes it can be a wonderful tool too."

"I'd just like to see how." Adam sulked, leaning back, all hint of interest gone as if never there to begin with.

David looked at Alexand as he opened to see a powerful magician spell for him; it was one he didn't know. "You want to see?" He memorized the spell and casted it on himself. Now he can take any family member with him when he vanishes. The book turned to another spell and he casted that one too. "I'll show you, grab the book and sword and let's go. Starburner can form a scabbard so you don't have to carry her. Willie will have to teach you sword play though, I never was a very good teacher in it since I learned it as an adult."

Adam leaned forward and placed her diagonally with her hilt on his left side. He seemed surprised to see that the scabbard did appear like his uncle said it would. He fingered the brown strap across his chest for a moment. "All right. Let's see how wonderful magic can be." Adam scooted back and stood, grabbing Alexand. For his uncle's sake he was trying to keep the sarcasm out of his voice without much success.

David smiled, touched him and vanished. They appeared in the middle of the large, peaceful woods that the Welexes keep for the wildlife. Adam gasped in surprise as he looked around. "They can't see, hear, or smell us so you can look all you want, nature boy."

Adam walked up to a deer and watched as she grazed. The youth took in her graceful curves, delicate features and gentle demeanor with a sigh. He moved through the woods a little, soaking in the wildlife, something he could never do before. Always since he was a child he could watch from afar but never get up close and personal; the animals would always run. "This is great." The flaxen blond walked up his uncle, sounding slightly happier than before. "But this doesn't quite convince me."

David thought for a moment then knew how to change his mind. "How did you get out of the well?"

"I floated." Adam answered with a toss of his head to get his hair out of his eyes. "If it wasn't for my ankle I would have just waited until it filled to climb out or on you three."

"Float?" David arched his eyebrows. "There's no spell just for floating. You flew."

Adam dropped Alexand in surprise. "Flight?" David dipped his head solemnly. "Without the crop duster?" Again he nodded. "Teach me how to use it."

"Gladly." David smiled, that's what got him to accept his magic too. "Alexand, show him how to conjure his backpack so we won't lose you." The book showed the youth and he casted it, this time memorizing the spell for future use. "Follow me."

Adam dropped the book in the bag then slung it on his back as his uncle flew off. He recalled the instructions and followed his beloved uncle. "Hey! Wait for me!" He cried. The youth quickly caught up and they played follow-the-leader for a good hour. They landed on the front porch. Adam let out a small laugh of joy. "That was a blast!"

"I know, that's what got me to accept my powers too." David chuckled. "If you're lucky, you can vanish too."

"Not all magic users can vanish?" Adam asked, adjusting his untucked Tee-shirt. "I thought they could do anything." His tone was back to normal.

"Oh no, I can't change my form, Earlcein couldn't fly and your mother couldn't change another's form." David opened the door and walked in with Adam right behind him. "Magic is as unique as people. Oh, and the colors that your sparkles has, determines how many spells you can use. Since you're multicolored, you can use any spell you please, just like me. I can teach you magician since your powers were awakened."

"You tried once and nothing happened." Adam followed him up to his room. Speck got up from by the steps and followed them. "Why now?"

"Because when I talked in your mind it awakened your powers." Starburner seemed to smile, she would have to thank David when she gets the chance. "Of course we'll have to make a proper connection first. I couldn't do much until you really used your magic."

"Well, let's do it." Adam took her out and held her awkwardly with both hands. He felt her shift gently through his mind and sensed something stir within him. A moment later his eyes came back into focus. "Whoa."

"Adam?" David asked, looking concerned for his nephew. "Are you all right?"

Adam blinked a few times. "Yeah, just surprised, that's all." He put her away, this time not quite as awkwardly as before. "I wonder if I can do both, a farmer wizard?"

"You might, I didn't have the mind for it so I passed the farm over to Willie." David commented, looking at his arm. "I wish I could heal you, but I can't work with bones."

"I can't heal myself?" The younger asked as Speck became human with a faint shimmer. David shook his head as he looked at the wolf. "Speck, would you do that again?" The werewolf shrugged and did it again. Adam watched, fascinated as he shimmered each time he changed. "I never noticed you shimmered before, Speck."

"All werewolves shimmer slightly, Adam." Speck smiled slightly. "Even us vegetarians. Normally humans don't see it unless they're magic users." He pushed his hair out of his eyes. When he did he noticed the cleanliness of the room. "Shocking, you cleaned up your act."

"Behave, freckle face." Adam turned to his uncle. "Well, let's get started."


Meanwhile, across the continent, King Forcein (Foreseen), ruler of the fair land of Spectra was holding council in the beautiful Ruby Palace. Forcein walked into the spacious well-stocked library, having to duck slightly being six-six. His soft brown eyes scanned the assorted creatures as all talking stopped like a video game on pause. "This council is in order." He announced in a lilting, high baritone voice as he stood at the head of the table. He sat, nodding for them to follow suit. "We need to find out what the Thourians are up to." He tucked his wavy honey brown shoulder-length hair behind gracefully pointed ears, that jutted out from his head an inch, as they curved up into rounded points another inch later. They weren't like Alexand's, who ears stayed closer to his head, instead they seemed to be more relaxed as if his elfin blood was diluted.

"We could find more spies." A soft brown lady deer named Dawn suggested, voice as soft as her fur while one of her back feet scratched her other leg where there was a red splotch, her birthmark. She wore a Xadian language translation amulet around her neck.

"I don't want to waste any more good lives." Forcein smiled gently at her, adjusting his golden crown, which had a silver diamond set in it.

"What if they know magic?" asked Bark, a blue shaggy werewolf in human form as he fingered his light blue ponytail. Forcein stroked his five-inch beard, which he kept for just that reason, liking the idea.

"At least one wizard." Milady, a mermaid in a tank added, pulling herself up to lean on the edge. She tossed her long black hair over her shoulder to reveal a bikini top that looked like it was ready to burst at the seams, she filled it so well.

"There's a problem," The king interrupted, letting his hand drop to his chest as he reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her awesome cleavage. "I'm the only wizard powerful enough to infiltrate Thouria and the Black Star Sapphire Palace and live to tell about it."

"Now, Your Majesty, please." Allen, a dark skinned older man from the equator scolded gently, like he would a child. "We must have a king, you have no heir, and your sister vanished when you were very young."

"I know my old friend." Forcein answered sadly, letting his ears droop. Elves, even part elves have very flexible ears. Like a catta, a cat with a size changing and highly flexible tail, they use them to express their emotions.

"Too bad there isn't another powerful wizard, even a young one," sighed Chuck, a chestnut faun, twitching his tail. He was walking through a palace garden when the meeting called him away. The faun wished that the meeting would have been ten minutes later so he wouldn't be so depressed. A faun is a part of nature and nature is part of a faun, if they don't walk with nature at least once a day then their mood suffers.

Forcein sighed wistfully and propped his chin in his hands, elbows on the table. He let his mind wonder; he's been trying to solve the same problem for nineteen of his thirty-year reign. Ever since his teacher was killed in a battle against Thour there's been an uneasy peace. This peace has gone on for much too long. The elf had the sinking suspicion that it was just the calm before the storm. He just knew Thour was up to something, but he couldn't jeopardize the kingdom by going after Thour himself to find out what. If only there was another wizard. If only one of the spies would report back. If only, if only . . .

He sighed again and interlocked his fingers, resting his forehead on them, as his mind went through the circle again like a snow lion pacing in a tight cage. Just then soft footsteps punctuated by the rhythmic tap-tap of a cane interrupted his thoughts. His right ear swiveled back to listen.

Soon Dawn heard it too. "Sounds like Sylvia." She commented, ears pricked forward.

"That's what I was thinking." Forcein agreed, lifting his head as a glimmer of hope sparked into being deep within him. Sylvia doesn't normally walk down this hallway unless she has to find him, knowing the library was his favorite room. She just might have some news for him. He prayed that it was good news.

"Boy are you two lucky." Allen complained with a ghost of a smile, referring to their sharp hearing.

The door opened, admitting a withered old blind woman. Her eyes were covered by a gray silken scarf while her floor length gray hair was in twin braids draped over her shoulders to keep it from dragging the floor. She walked with the assurance of sight as she strode to his side. "Yes Sylvia?" Forcein asked, turning to face her as his ears returned to their normal positions. "Have you seen something?"

For her talent was seeing of the eighth degree, seeing important things as they happen. That includes where she is going. An accident robbed her of her natural sight so she now uses her talent sight. "A young man has found the Sword of Wizards and the Great Book of Spells, Your Majesty." She smiled, leaning on her cane.

The elf stood and set his chair beside Dawn with a broad smile. "Thank you, Sylvia, please, have a seat." He motioned to the chair before him. She nodded her thanks and sat in the offered chair. He pushed her in effortlessly and returned to the head of the table.

"Now." Forcein placed his hands on the table and leaned forward, eyes dancing in excitement. "We now know there will soon be a wizard."

"He'll need time to learn, and heal." Sylvia interrupted, getting a sharp glance from him. She either ignored it or chose not to "see" it. "He fractured his wrist." The seer recounted how it happened. The king's ears twitched in mirth as the others chuckled. "He was mad to say the least." A smile crossed her face then faded. "But he's very reluctant. I've never seen such a reluctant wizard. He's violent about it, threw apples when he found out then when Alexand injured his wrist he swept him to the floor."

"I would've thrown Alex, not just swept him off the desk if I were him." Forcein said, calling the book by his nickname since he knew him as a boy.

"Despite being reluctant he has self control, Sire." Bark commented, looking ready to dance in a circle out of joy. Spectra might be saved after all, that is, if the young one will accept his powers. None of the council voiced those thoughts although they crossed each of their minds.

"True." Forcein agreed. "Any siblings?" He looked to the seer.

"A sister." Sylvia replied with a nod.

Everyone nodded in acceptance; they really had no choice. "But only two?" Milady asked, swishing her flukes like a catta's tail, causing ripples in her water.

"Let's assign someone and make it a quest." Bark smiled. He changed and wagged his tail in excitement instead—he was a council member after all.

"Too bad my friend Boffle never reported back from spying on the Witch." Chuck sighed, fingering one of his small brown horns on his head as he tapped a cloven hoof on the wooden floor, also about ready to dance out of joy. He decided to get out his panpipes and dance in the garden when the meeting adjourned.

"Yeah, anti-mind control is a great talent." Allen sighed wistfully, scratching his head where there was some short gray hair left around the top.

"I worry about him too." Forcein sighed, thinking of the flaming red-haired three and a half foot tall dwarf fondly. "He taught me dwarfin cooking." There is no chef like a dwarf since they have a three hundred year life span, they study many trades to fill the time.

"We're straying from the point." Practical Dawn said, stomping her left fore-hoof to emphasize her words and get their attentions. "How long would the boy need?"

"Hm-mm." Forcein stroked his beard, deep in thought. "With the book and taking his wrist into consideration and if he'll learn it, it would take the youth about three months." They nodded, all smiles as they stood, knowing that they really had no choice in the matter. All they could do was hope and pray that the young wizard could handle his powers and that it won't take too long. None of them wanted to think of what would happen if he refused. "Dismissed."
Well, here is chapter one, toss bricks for me to dodge or low fat snacks for more.

I havent gone over it but I added the italics for thoughts
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